Use the right antibiotics to treat Chlamydia

Use the right antibiotics to treat Chlamydia

Chlamydia is a common infection and it does not produce any symptoms to the affected people.The symptoms may take several weeks to appear. So, many people are not aware of this sexually transmitted infection. It will not get treated on its own because the immune system is weak to deal with the cause of bacteria.Therefore, it requires the right treatment to cure the problem quickly. If you do not take any treatments, then it leads to fertility problems. When you reach the professionals to get treated, then they will provide you chlamydia antibiotics that help to get rid of this infection easily.

Antibiotics for Chlamydia:

To treat this infection, chlamydia antibiotics are the best option. Doxycycline and Azithromycin are the two antibiotics provided to people infected with chlamydia. Doxycycline is the preferred choice as it works to damage and eliminates the bacteria from the body easily. You will be suggested to take this tablet for seven days. It is significant to follow up the instructions of your healthcare provider carefully.

Azithromycin is another option that stops the bacteria to produce further and makes the existing bacteria in the body die. It is a single dose and you will be asked to take this medicine for three days. If you are a pregnant woman, then you should consider taking only this tablet. If you are with any medical conditions, then it is not advised to take doxycycline.

These antibiotics may cause some side effects that include headaches, stomach upset, and nausea. If you experience common side effects, then you don’t have to contact a healthcare provider. But if you experience serious side effects, you should seek medical help immediately.

Things to follow when taking medicines:         

If you’re getting treatment for chlamydia, then you have to follow the instructions that are given below.

  • Take all the medicines everyday until your doctor asks you to stop. If you miss the medicines, then it is necessary to take the tablet on the same day.
  • You should ask your partner also get tested to see whether they are infected or not. It is advised not to have sex while taking medicines for seven days.
  • After your symptoms improved, then you have to check after three months to ensure you are free from infection.
  • It is necessary to understand even you get treated for chlamydia, there are possibilities to get the infection again. So, be careful and follow the instructions to get treated for chlamydia quickly.