Take Care of Your Mental Health When Doing Work From Home

Take Care of Your Mental Health When Doing Work From Home

It was time when we use to think our offices to be the stressful environments? Those were our days! Now, with the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic at large, businesses across the world have to stop their shop and establish work from home environment. And when not carried out at a right way, can do harm than good. So, it is good to find the well-being coach that will guide one through such difficult times.

Move Around Your House

When we want to think that we have spent our whole 9-hour shift to our seats, truth is we have not. In fact, we had to spend 1 to 2 hours of shift interacting with the colleagues, having lunch, attending conferences or meetings, and more. With WFH being a new trend today these distractions are now pushed out of our way and it will take the toll on mental health. One of the best way for counteracting this will be breaking up the average workday & spend 5 to 10 minutes each 2 hours walking in your house and doing other activity to come out from your work.

Create A Work Routine

WFH implies lack of management, which can put us in the state of uncertainty. This can create the stressful environment since now we work in the spaces that we earlier reserved for relaxation. Now, creating a regular routine is good here since it gives us the sense of control that works in improving the mental health. This routine does not need to be the strict one but follow the strict 9 to 5 work schedule and 1hour of lunch break, ensure you follow this same routine.

Have Designated Work Area

Everybody needs the designated work & home life, and when pandemic appears to be pushing two closer together. Best method to tackle such situation is deeming the specific area for your work. Ensure that place you select is such that you do not use it for your everyday activities and use it just when you are working.

Ensure Everything Stays In Proper Order

People mistake this power that the good internet access has on mental health. When shifting from office culture to WFM culture will need little bit of adjustment, and trying to work out without proper infrastructure will add lots of stress and anxiety, and it results in deterioration of your mental health.