Root canal: about the treatment, its benefits, and risks involved

Root canal: about the treatment, its benefits, and risks involved

It is a treatment performed to eliminate any kind of bacteria from an infected root canal to save the permanent tooth. It also helps in preventing any reinfection that may occur in the tooth or any of the teeth in the vicinity of a root canal dental clinic Singapore.

What is Root canal surgery?Why do you need it?

When the inner portion of the tooth i.e., the pulp containing nerves and muscle fibres become infected or inflamed due to certain bacteria, root canal surgery becomes a necessity. Other than this, there may be some other reasons where the treatment may be needed:

  • Any kind of injury: from the outside, the tooth may look fine, but there may be underlying issues that need to be looked at.
  • Tooth decay: decay in the canal due to a cavity may also result in an inflamed pulp.
  • Crack in the tooth: any kind of chipping or cracking may lead to an injury in the gums or may hurt the pulp.

Is it safe?

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Yes, it is. A root canal is one of the most common surgeries performed all over the globe. Not only is it safe, but effective. Dental practitioners use a local anaesthetic while executing the operation which makes the experience painless. The after-procedure recovery period is also simple and almost painless. It is much less painful than extraction and has proved to be a far better alternative to it. Being cost-effective makes it the no-brainer option.

Risks involved:

It is a simple procedure to save the tooth/teeth, but at times it may be ineffective.

  • Timing is crucial. If it is too late and the infection has spread, the antibiotics may not be effective, and the treatment may not work.
  • In some cases, if the damaged area is too deep or too widespread, there may be no chance of operating.
  • If the enamel or the crown has thinned to a great extent, the procedure will not be carried out.

 Should you, do it?

Yes. If it is possible then one must not think too much before getting the treatment done. Having a natural tooth has plenty of benefits over a fake one. Research has shown that over 16 million people get treated for root canals every year in a root canal dental clinic singapore.

Dental practitioners in Singapore are using some of the most advanced equipment and methods to perform a quick and easy surgery with a high success rate.