Alpha GPC & Growth Hormone And What Is Its Effective Dosage?

Alpha GPC & Growth Hormone And What Is Its Effective Dosage?

Among the many benefits of Alpha GPC, one has come out to be the ability to increase the growth hormone. This is also supposed to tie up and give fat-burning effects too. The researchers reached this conclusion after conducting two studies. At first, a 600 mg dose was given to the subject before the commencement of work out, and that was able to increase the release of exercise-induced growth hormone. In the second study, the same happened even with the dosage of 1000 mg Alpha GPC accompanied with no workout at all.

So, we can safely say that Alpha GPC increases the secretion of growth hormone in our bodies. And don’t forget to click here to buy the fantastic quality alpha GPC supplement and get yourself some increased release of growth hormone or for your own research purpose. However, there is no denying that this supplement helps increase the growth hormone, but that is only for a short span while, and within that time, there is no guarantee of muscle growth or fat loss.

Like other supplements, even alpha GPC increases the release of growth hormone but only for a short span, which is around two hours of consumption of a 1000 mg alpha GPC. Hence, so far, we have concluded that Alpha GPC increases growth hormone, but it does not fulfill the other benefits attached to the increase of growth hormone-like loss of fat, muscle growth, or longevity.

Clinically effective dosage of Alpha GPC

If you belong to the crowd of athletes who aim for acute effects in cognition, then the ideal dosage for you ranges between 250 to 600 mg. Although no research confirms this supplement helping the athletes in acute cognitive effects, you can go on with the dosage mentioned above since there are no harms.

After looking at the evidence by experts, it is suggested that it is better if you lean towards doses as low as 250 mg than those higher doses of 1000 mg to 1200 mg, but since there are no restrictions too, we need more data on to confirm that.

If you are among those who wish to treat a decline in the levels of cognition or repair the brain’s damages, you are recommended a higher dose of 1200 mg. this heavy dose is taken in quantities of 400 mg thrice a day. And for the problems concerned, this dosage has shown moderate effects. A low dose of 250 mg for people with good cognition encourages a pre-workout boost and a high dose of 1200 mg who are taking it to repairs the damaged cognitive levels.

In conclusion:

Alpha GPC has shown a good increase in the release of growth hormone, but it does not last longer than two hours; the effects are also for a short while. But you can always hop over to these guys to learn more about this supplement.