3 simple ways to whiten your teeth at home

3 simple ways to whiten your teeth at home

White teeth not only enhance the charm of your smile but also boost up your personality to a great extent. Many people try out a lot of home remedies for keeping their teeth clean and white. Since home remedies take some time for showing the result therefore many people get impatient. These people are served properly only by any emergency dentist. But if you can wait for a few months you can get rid of the teeth discoloration issue on a permanent note. Moreover, the home remedies are also pretty cost-effective in comparison to other available options in the market.

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Three key home remedies to whiten up teeth:

  • Using charcoal powder: If you want to complete your journey of teeth whitening successfully then nothing can be the best option other than using charcoal powder. This is one of the most effective remedies that can cater your improved result and that too comparatively quickly. You just have to mix the charcoal powder with your regular toothbrush and brush thoroughly so that your teeth can get thoroughly cleaned. Slowly you will be able to notice visible differences in the shades of your teeth. Teeth discoloration can be effectively handled by means of the concerned solution. Apart from teeth cleaning and whitening charcoal powder also helps in maintaining proper oral hygiene. In fact, expert dentist London also recommends this remedy to the patients strongly.
  • Baking soda application: Baking-soda is enriched with a lot of beaching properties that basically clean the teeth from within. If you use this ingredient with your toothpaste on a regular basis then you will find your teeth have become white like pearls. Bacteria growth will get stopped and you will enjoy a fresh breath all the time. But you should know the exact measure of the soda to be used. There are many people who use salt instead of baking soda in this case. There are many ready-made tooth-pastes that already contain baking-soda in them and you can also use them in case you do not have any time to create the mixture.
  • Using hydrogen-peroxide: Hydrogen-peroxide is also equally effective like that of the bleaching powder. You can use this instead of any synthetic mouthwash or else can mix the same in proper proportion to your existing mouthwash. Hydrogen-peroxide together with baking-soda can cater you absolutely fabulous results that you have ever thought of.

There are many more home remedies that you can apply as home remedies for teeth whitening. You also need to maintain a perfect diet and healthy oral habits for avoiding unwanted tooth discoloration. If your teeth are too yellowish in appeal then you can certainly choose the option of emergency dentist London.